New contract R&D facility for AeroThermal Group

AeroThermal Group, pioneers in developing innovative solutions from aerospace through to green energy from waste, announced today, Monday 27th April, that its new contract R&D Facility is now open to carry out comprehensive testing in Poole, Dorset.

The laboratory specialises in the examination of the anaerobic biodegradation potential of different waste materials with or without pre-treatment in the AeroThermal pilot scale autoclave.

AeroThermal has a team of specialists who use a range of high tech equipment, and are led by Dr Nigel Bailey and Dr Zhenjiang Wang. It has 36 laboratory-scale constantly stirred digesters available and provides various services, including:

  • Bio Methane Potential (BMP) testing
  • Semi-continuous anaerobic digestion testing
  • pH measurement
  • DS & VS testing
  • Biogas composition
  • COD
  • VFA
  • Ammonia Nitrogen and Total Nitrogen analysis

Dr Bailey, AeroThermal’s Technical Director, said: “Anaerobic digestion can be a key technology in solving the waste conundrum. However how to maximise the energy output while controlling by-products such as ammonia are not yet clearly understood by many in the industry. This new capability can help waste companies evaluate how to efficiently deploy AD and deal with increasing volumes of landfill-bound rubbish.”

AeroThermal has run several hundred scientific trials on different waste streams, and its team has now written nearly100 internal research reports. The company has already completed waste trials for a number of major waste companies and fast food restaurants.