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AeroThermal, incorporating Aeroform, has extensive experience in meeting the high-quality standards required by the aerospace industry.

With over three decades of practical and technical experience, our team has designed and project-managed autoclave construction for leading global companies, with clients including Boeing, Airbus, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, British Airways and the RAF.

Current projects include construction of an 18 foot diameter state-of-the-art autoclave featuring the Aerothermal ‘golden seam’ which is 100% radiographic tested for UTC Aerospace Systems. The autoclave is so large that it needs to be moved in two parts. Once it has been pressure tested, it is cut into two sections and shipped separately to the site where it will be welded together with AeroThermal’s “golden seam”, meaning it is tested with X-rays to prove its integrity.

The company has expertise in specialist thermal processing equipment, custom-designed and manufactured with proven aerospace processing capability. These operate at extremely high tolerances and exacting standards for a variety of applications, and temperatures can reach 400oC.

With several hundred autoclaves and ovens manufactured, installed and operating worldwide, AeroThermal, incorporating Aeroform, has a global reputation for providing its clients with reliable yet innovative industrial processing solutions.


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