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AeroThermal, incorporating Aeroform, is a British company with over 35 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke autoclaves for world-leading companies in the aerospace, motorsport, military, electronics and tobacco sectors.

Our extensive expertise is also being applied to innovative autoclave solutions that derive green energy from household and industrial waste, whilst increasing recycling rates and decreasing carbon emissions.  Members of the AeroThermal team have helped design, build and operate more than 40 anaerobic digestion systems that process waste, sewage and farm substrates in the UK and China.


AeroThermal’s well-equipped in-house laboratory provides expert services for clients seeking reliable high-quality data. Our specialist research team can determine the bio-methane potential of a wide range of organic materials, both pre and post autoclave treatment, and has conducted trials on over 75 alternative anaerobic feed stocks, including supporting the European-funded Valorgas programme.

With several hundred autoclaves designed, manufactured and installed worldwide, along with growing international recognition of our pioneering waste systems, we are proud of our reputation and history as a specialist process solution provider.

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Case Study

AeroThermal Ltd today (12 December 2017) announced that its 65m3 Thermo-Pressure Hydrolysis (TPH) vessel has been completed and has left its factory in Poole en route to a new bio-waste anaerobic digestion site in the Midlands.

The TPH vessel is a key component at the new facility and has been provided in partnership with Jones Celtic Bioenergy.The technology pre-treats food waste and other bio-waste organics prior to going to mesophilic anaerobic digestion.  

This is a partnership comprising Sundeala Ltd, Building Research Establishment Ltd and AeroThermal Group to the Technology Strategy Board-funded LIEFPROD project (Low Environmental Impact Fibreboard Products).

The project, which started in May 2014 and will be completed in October 2015, will develop new wet-pressed fibreboard products to meet…

AeroThermal - excellence in the design and manufacture of bespoke autoclaves for the aerospace, industrial and waste sectors

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AeroThermal (incorporating Aeroform) - pioneers in developing innovative solutions from aerospace through to green energy from waste

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